Organic Activated Charcoal - Teeth Whitening

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 Our Activated Organic Charcoal is a 100% Natural Teeth Whitener. It naturally whitens teeth, polishes teeth, strengthens enamel and detoxifies your mouth without any chemicals used in commercial teeth whitening products. Remove stains of smoking, coffee, tea, and drinks.  All by simply dipping a wet toothbrush into the fine, odorless and tasteless black dust. Brush in small gentle circles for two to three minutes. Spit it out carefully, rinse really well and you’re done. Your mouth will feel amazingly clean….. 

What’s in it? 100%: Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal, Natural Bentonite, Organic Mint Extract, Organic Orange Peel Extract.

  • Whiten teeth
  • Deodorize
  • Prevent Bad Breath
  • Remove Plaque
  • Prevent Harmful Bacteria Growth

Friendly with gums & teeth Sensitivity & Vegan

Up to 7 Shades Whiter


    1. Wet your Toothbrush Well
    2. Gently twist open SparklyCare Activated Charcoal Powder/Paste
    3. Carefully dip toothbrush inside Charcoal Powder/Paste
    4. Start brushing! You can also add a small amount of toothpaste to your bamboo toothbrush and dip into the charcoal powder if you prefer.
    5. Gently brush for 2-3 minutes. Spit periodically into your cup, rather than sink. This will make the clean easier!
    6. Rinse your mouth well with water.
    7. Dump your spit cup into toilet and flush!

We recommend doing this procedure once daily for 30 days as an initial detox. Afterward, you can continue using this product alongside your regular oral routine as much or as little as needed. One Jar (30g) should last about 1 to 2 months. Most people start seeing results after the first few uses.

For ultimate results, pair with our Charcoal Teeth Whitening ToothPaste and Charcoal infused Bamboo Toothbrush.

Due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.