50Pcs Burlywood Ice-lolly Stick Natural Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Kids Hand Craft Making Ice Cream DIY Popsicle Sticks

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Product Features:

1. Ice cream stick can not only be used to make ice cream and ice stick, but also can be used to DIY handcrafts.
2. It is not only suitable for children's art projects, such as group activities, classroom use, camp and scouting process, birthday party, but also can be used for wedding enthusiasts, garden marking, target shooting, library shelves marking, etc.
3. As a new DIY handcraft material, it is made of environmentally friendly, easy to use without the need for advanced modeling ability. Just put it together to make a brand new home art, pen holder, CD frame, wall frame, paper towels box and so on, importantly, ice sticks is the excellent material for cultivating the young people shaping ability .

4. There are many sizes for your choice to meet your DIY requirements of sizes.