Revolutionary Sparkly Ultrasonic Automatic Toothbrush

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10 Seconds is all it takes for an 8x better oral clean!

We have made one of the finest innovations on the market of the health and oral care industry. Sparkly Ultrasonic Automatic Toothbrush is able to clean the whole mouth in just under 10 seconds. For the first time ever all your teeth are cleaned simultaneously. Every tooth surface is cleaned longer compared with common toothbrushes. If you brush your teeth for the recommended 120 seconds with a regular toothbrush (manual or electric), every surface gets brushed for just 1.25 seconds (given the fact that you have 32 teeth and every teeth has three surfaces). Sparkly Ultrasonic Toothbrush brushes all your surfaces for a whole 10 seconds. This means, every tooth surface gets brushed 8x longer and the total brushing duration is 12x quicker.

*Extremely high in demand, limited supplies, please expect 2-5 weeks for delivery*