Solar System Bracelet

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Wear Your Universe! This unique bracelet features precious gemstones that look like our Solar System, from the Sun to Pluto (yes, Pluto!).

Each bracelet is hand-made by master artisans with hand-picked high-quality natural stones to model the breathtaking universe that will have you mesmerized. The stones are faceted to make it unique and give it a realistic feel.

Each stone symbolizes an aspect of the solar system.

This beautiful bracelet is made of different healing gemstones that represent each planet that revolves around our Sun. Get a tiny Solar System revolving around your wrist! This tribal bracelet may help you to reach higher energies from outer space.

Precious natural stones. These gemstones are revered not only for their beauty but also for their healing properties

★ Mars: Pink Agate

★ Moon: Moonstone

★ Earth: lan ven agate

★ Venus: Tiger eye

★ Mercury: Howlite

★ Pluto: Brownstone

★ Neptune: Frosty agate

★ Uranus: Cyan agate

★ Saturn: Matte map

★ Jupiter: Brown Agate.

Each has been carefully selected by expert hands.

Looking for a gift? This handmade Solar bracelet is perfect to make your special someone smile! Brighten up their day and their outfits with this unique piece


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